Down to Earth Garden Club, South Windsor, CT

 Meetings,  Programs  & Activities

General Meetings:       

Anyone interested in plant or garden information and education is welcome to attend. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday at the Avery Street Christian Reformed Church, 661 Avery Street, South Windsor, CT at 7 pm, unless stated otherwise.  Light refreshments are served. Please join us!



DATE:                          SEPTEMBER 14, 2016

TIME:                            7:00 PM

PLACE:                        Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

SPEAKER:                   Dr. Richard Benfield

TOPIC:                         "Plants, Parks and Predators"

TOPIC SUMMARY:      This presentation will look at the changing roles and attitudes toward parks, predators and plants over the last one hundred years and suggest a role and prognosis for one of our most treasured national and natural institutions for the next one hundred years.


DATE:                          OCTOBER 12, 2016

TIME:                           7:00 PM

PLACE:                       South Windsor Public Library, 1550 Sullivan Avenue

SPEAKER:                  Maureen Haseley-Jones, "The English Lady"

TOPIC:                         Garden Earth Lecture

TOPIC SUMMARY:      Learn how to reconnect with nature with mindful gardening.



DATE:                            NOVEMBER 9, 2016

TIME:                             7:00 PM

PLACE:                         Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

SPEAKER:                    Carol King Platt

TOPIC:                      The Year Round Cutting Garden

TOPIC SUMMARY:       The whole world is a cutting garden if you look at it the right way.  From pruning the overgrown shrubs at your town hall or library to snitching wild berries from the back lot of your local grocery store, to looking at your foundation plantings in a new light - there's always something nice to use in an arrangement if you plan and plant well. 


                                      DECEMBER - NO MEETING. ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!


DATE:                           JANUARY 11, 2017 - Our annual Pot Luck Dinner

TIME:                            6:00 PM - Potluck, 7:00 PM - Presentation

PLACE:                         Avery Street Christian Reformed Church   

SPEAKER:                    Potluck 

TOPIC:                          Informal conversation with Dr. Kate Carter, South Windsor’s Superintendent of                                        Schools 

TOPIC SUMMARY:       Potluck - bring your favorite dish to share.


DATE:                             FEBRUARY 8, 2017 

TIME:                              7:00 PM  

PLACE:                          South Windsor Public Library, 1550 Sullivan Avenue  

SPEAKER:                     Cathy Testa

TOPIC:                            Designing Container Gardens

TOPIC SUMMARY:         Container gardens are the accessories to your outdoor spaces. They add color, movement and sounds. Yes, sounds. Hummingbirds will chirp as they swing by the flower’s rewards and birds will sometimes land on stalks of flowering plants.


DATE:                           MARCH  8, 2017       

TIME:                            7:00 PM      

PLACE:                         Avery Street Christian Reformed Church  

SPEAKER:                   Sarah Bailey      

TOPIC:                          Real Time Design In The Garden

TOPIC SUMMARY:       Garden design doesn’t have to be complicated—with a few basic tools and skills, you can put together a plan in an afternoon. Come learn the basics and then apply them to a real‐life situation. 


DATE:                           APRIL 12, 2017   

TIME:                            7:00 PM

PLACE:                        Wood Memorial Library,  783 Main Street

SPEAKER:                   Lars Demander

TOPIC:                          History of Clover Nook Farm

TOPIC SUMMARY:       Clover Nook Farm in Bethany has been in the same family for eight generations and has been honored as a Connecticut Century Farm. Get to know the family ‐ local leaders in welcoming modern agricultural practices and in commitment to their community. Learn how the farm has adapted over the past 250 years and is now poised to meet the challenges of the future.


DATE:                           MAY 10, 2017  

TIME:                            7:00 PM

PLACE:                         Avery Street Christian Reformed Church   

SPEAKER:                    Russ Knowles/Malia Michaud

TOPIC:                          Proven Winners

TOPIC SUMMARY:       New varieties for 2017. Background on how a Proven Winners plant makes the grade


June 10, 2017 - Come see our booth at the Strawberry Fest


JUNE 14, 2017 -  BANQUET : For Members and their guests, 



                                                               Come grow with us!