Down to Earth Garden Club, South Windsor, CT

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General Meetings:       

Anyone interested in plant or garden information and education is welcome to attend. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday at the Avery Street Christian Reformed Church, 661 Avery Street, South Windsor, CT at 7 pm, unless stated otherwise.  Light refreshments are served. Please join us!

Visitors are always welcome.



DATE:                          SEPTEMBER 12 , 2018

TIME:                           6:00 pm Pot Luck, 7:00 Meeting

PLACE:                       Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

SPEAKER:       Jeff Eleveld, Certified Therapeutic Horticulturist

TOPIC:                        Plants That Clean The Air     

TOPIC SUMMARY:     He will look at the day time and night time oxygen producing plants as well as the best plants to invest in for your home.  If you have a question about a specific plant, please bring a picture, leaf, cutting or the whole plant for an assessment by the Jeff, the Plant Guy.   

* Bring a potluck dish to share with the bounty of the season. 


DATE:                          OCTOBER 10, 2018

TIME:                           7:00 PM

PLACE:                       South Windsor Public Library, 1550 Sullivan Ave.

SPEAKER:                  Ellen Hoverkamp

TOPIC:                        Using A Scanner as a Camera For Digital Capture       

TOPIC SUMMARY:     Ellen’s photographs are created by arranging Botanical cuttings and natural objects.  The general mission of her work is to draw attention to the spectacular beauty of nature.  There will be a book signing and opportunity to view and purchase matted photographs, note cards and silk scarves.      

DATE:                            NOVEMBER 14, 2018

TIME:                              7:00 pm

PLACE:                          Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

SPEAKER:                     Rich Bartoes, Hopewell Nursery, Regional Sales

TOPIC:                          Conifers And Dwarf Evergreens For Small Gardens

TOPIC SUMMARY:        Basic discussion on planting, care and problems as well as pruning techniques. 


                                      DECEMBER - NO MEETING. ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!


DATE:                            JANUARY 9, 2019

TIME:                             6:00 PM - Potluck Dinner, 7:00 PM - Discussion

PLACE:                         Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

SPEAKER:                    Laurie Masciandaro, Roseland Cottage Site Manager                                  

TOPIC:                          Connecticut’s Historic Gardens

TOPIC SUMMARY:       Fourteen historic sites offer visitors an opportunity to explore a variety of garden styles and time periods.  

                                                  Bring a potluck dish to share


DATE:                             FEBRUARY 13, 2019 

TIME:                              7:00 PM

PLACE:                          Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

SPEAKER:                     Nancy DuBrule-Clemente

TOPIC:                            Plants With A Purpose             

TOPIC SUMMARY:        Learn what ecological functions plants offer and how to design your property to create a healthy ecosystem for pollinators, birds, butterflies, beneficial insects, and all living things that share your world.


DATE:                           MARCH  13, 2019       

TIME:                            7:00 PM    

PLACE:                        Wood Memorial Library & Museum, 783 Main Street, South Windsor

SPEAKER:                   Lorraine Ballato       

TOPIC:                          Fool Proof Hydrangeas

TOPIC SUMMARY:      Through slides and discussion, you’ll learn all about Hydrangeas, including the many recent introductions that are available.

DATE:                           APRIL 10, 20189

TIME:                            7:00 PM

PLACE:                         Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

SPEAKER:                    Peter Picone, Wildlife Biologist     

TOPIC:                          Plants Are The Foundation Of Wildlife Habitat        

TOPIC SUMMARY:         Peter will share his insights on creating seasonal habitat for songbirds using native plants.  He will also talk about managing invasive non-native plants. 


DATE:                           MAY 8, 2019  

TIME:                            7:00 PM

PLACE:                        Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

SPEAKER:                   Dr. Matthew Opel    

TOPIC:                         Cacti And Succulents For Connecticut Homes    

TOPIC SUMMARY:       Dr. Opel will bring a diverse collection of living cacti and succulents, suitable for windowsill cultivation.  He will discuss water, light, soil and fertilizer needs. 



JUNE , 2019 -  BANQUET : For Members and  their guests, 



                                                               Come grow with us!    

Ellen Hoverkamp

Fool Proof Hydrangeas
Fool Proof Hydrangeas